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(I'm probably not writing anymore journals for sure, I started writing this back in September and am just now finishing) Hey guys it's sonicnerd24601 back with what may be my last journal. I'm not leaving dA at all, it's just that I may stop writing on here altogether and instead focus more on my art. Unless I really, really want to talk about something, there will be no more journals from me nor fanfics. The reason why I'm making this journal besides letting you all know I'm not writing anymore journals or fics is to talk a bit about fan fiction, stories, storytelling. Maybe some of you know this, but I used to write fan fiction, I don't anymore. The reason being because I've branched off of writing stories based on copyrighted material and have moved on to original work. I want to write stories for children or maybe at least kids 8 and up. Just a hobby to see where it may take me. I may not even get any of my work published, but I could always keep it with me at my side to share with children I may have in the future. Maybe it could get published and become big who knows. I've decided on this goal for a while now, and kind of like fan fiction, it's really just a hobby to help me improve my writing. That's what I see fan fiction as, a fun little hobby to boost your creative potential and writing skills. It's really interesting seeing the scenarios fanfic authors come up with and how they portray beloved characters in inventive situations in their world and outside it. Will I ever ever write fics agin? Probably not at this point. Maybe I could post an essay I really like or something, but that may be about it. At the very least I am working on a WildeHopps comic but that's more to help with my drawing not so much my writing as the story will be relatively short. Since I'm obsessed with Zootopia if you couldn't tell in my fucking gallery, I thought it'd be a good idea to write about and critique some of my favorite works! I absolutely love to critique! Not only because it gives me more of an opportunity to write and help people, but I can also explore what other authors techniques are. And well I love sharing my opinion Love  I don't even read much fanfic myself, not nowadays anyway. With the exception with these two because I ship it soooooo hard!! <3 I ship it like FedEx  So without further ado, here are my top favorite Nick X Judy fanfics. By the way, all of the fanfics I will be critiquing are in order from my favorite to least favorite of the bunch. It doesn't mean I don't really like the ones lower on the list. I will also link all of these works so you guys can check them out.

10. I Don't Know Sans Nervous Icon 
Unfortantley, I can't find the fic I wanted to talk about first, like I can't find it ANYWHERE but I think it was just called Nick X Judy. And with a title like that you can see why it was so hard to find. I'm sure once I explain the plot you may recognize it as it was incredibly popular at the time on This is just a typical romance fic between Nick and Judy, illustrating their ups and downs in their relationship, their downs, lots and lots and LOTS of downs. Yeah this fic is too dramatic at times and even gets a little...OOC. The OOC moment I REALLY didn't like was when Stu sees Nick in Judy's apartment and immediately forces him out. Like he yells and yells at Nick who wasn't even spending the night or hurting Judy. He could have been visiting, or he could have been a fucking plumber since he was found hiding in the bathroom. The rest of the problems come from the drama. Drama, especially in romance fics, tend to be soooooooo over the top. The first couple of chapters were nice, fluffy, in character, and well written; just a rabbit and fox holding paws at the malt shop. Then all of a sudden it gets Korean drama intense. Nick gets: his heart broken, amnesia, beat up by some guys, his paw amputated, muzzled for attacking his ex-best friend that sexually harassed Judy, his heart broken again, and in the end it almost doesn't work out. Let's just say towards the middle Nick is practically Jesus nailed to a cross and bleeding to death ^^; he's tortured WAY too much in this story. Why do I like this story though? Well the two were in character all the way through, and some of the drama was done well. Not to mention the two definitely had some heart warming, humorous moments together. I actually really like how the author ended the story in the final chapter and I'm glad the fans did as well. I won't give it away since I spoiled too much, but if you guys recognize the scenes I'm talking about you'll probably remember how it ended ;)

9. Texts: A Window (of words) to the Soul by DefinetlyCanActuallyRead…
This is a really clever scenario, and I really like all of the heart and comedy put into it. The fic is just text messages sent back and forth from Nick and Judy in random scenarios. I will warn you some of the scenarios tend to get a little graphic. There's no sexting but sex and other kinky things are heavily implied and there is quite a bit of swearing from both characters. I think what I like most about it is the humor and the situations like I said. It's a very funny, cute idea to sort of script write the things these two would write back and forth to each other. My one downside, besides the kinky-ness which I wasn't so big on, is Judy. I think there are times she's not written too well. Not only can I not imagine her cussing like a 15 year old girl, but there are few times she's sort of...brutal. In one chapter when the two are discussing prejudice, Judy claims that sloths are the worst and she fucking hates Flash and all of the sloths at the DMV. I get she's annoyed at the stereotype and possibly Flash for how slow he is, but omg Judy just...calm the fuck down honey keep calm  Also are Nick and Judy friends with benefits? Because sometimes they write like they're passionately in love with each other, but then other times they're talking about how hot other mammals are, or wanting to get into threesomes, even with Gazelle! It's absolutely not because they're both bi-sexual in this fic, they're just getting into too many sudden relationships and I can't really imagine them being into threesomes Foxy Intensifies Chat Icon 

8. One Last Time by DarkKnightDan:…
This is my only non-Nick X Judy fic, well it's technically supposed to be but since the author hasn't continued in quite some time I don't really count it. This is an AU (alternate universe) where Nick and Finnick are troubled, drug addicted seniors in high school going through some rough times. They drink, smoke weed, sometimes skip school, and even break the law here and there by ignoring curfews and sell drugs. They may seem like bad mammals, but through narration you can see they really mean no harm to anyone, they're just extremely independent and in desperate need for money as they both live on their own. There's a reason Nick is like this, but we have yet to discover why Finnick is as well. Although Nick does get tortured in this story (including rape so be warned) it's not to an extent where it's so over the top that it's unpleasant to read and there's absolutely no payoff. For instance, he's not alone with Finnick at his side, and a little humor is allowed to surpass all of the drama in the latest chapter when the two run off to another part of town. I think what keeps me strangely close to this fic is that extreme search for something good waiting to happen in Nick's life. Judy is after all supposed to show up sometime. I'm waiting for Judy, or maybe even that fox that crushed on Nick in the latest chapter to really get him back up on his feet. Again, the reason why I like dramatic fics is because of the payoff at the end. As long as the character isn't in constant torture and misery and at least has someone or something comforting them and keeping their hopes up. In the story so far for example, it's Finnick. There's one problem with him though, and the author of the fic  was unfortunately warped into a little argument with one of the commenters. As I mentioned before in parentheses, Nick does get raped while in school because he was caught selling drugs and it was either rape then or even more rape in jail. Authors have to be extremely careful when writing on dark topics like this that are clearly meant for drama and not comedy. Basically after Nick was forced into sex and is hanging out with Finnick hours later, Finnick jokes about Nick having to suck a wolf's dick. This enraged one of the readers and caused the argument, and now that I see the problem I'm more on their side, especially when Finnick suddenly felt horrible for his friend when he found out it happened more than once. Like the commenter said, it's stupid and whatever once, but getting raped multiple times is absolutely traumatizing? Talking about subjects like rape or abortion can easily cause readers to become insulted and can be completely distracting to the story. If your going to talk about rape, gun violence, even prejudice as the original movie did, you must do it maturely and in-offensively. Last problem with the story is a very common one I even do myself; show don't tell. When talking about Nicks past, the author sometimes likes to tell what happens in narration rather than show, while other times they do a good job at showing it. For example, they told us that Nick and Finnick hug each other when they're in need of comfort like they used to when they were kids, but they do show us how the drugs and alcohol have effected Nick and his friend throughout the story. This show don't tell goes to all authors out there, including myself.

7. Welcome to Shangri Paw by amythis:
Mature version --->…
Clean version --->…
I'm not a fan of mystery/crime related stories, aside from the actual Zootopia, but I really like the way this author writes them. I love it actually. In this part one of amythis's three ZPA series, Nick and Judy are given a tough case to crack. Random drownings have been suddenly occurring in the Canal District and the rabbit and fox cops are trying to decode the mystery, uncover a lost past, and deal with their sudden feelings for one another. I should say Nick seemed more into Judy since most of the story seemed to take place in his perspective and he was the one confessing. I don't really know how the author does it, but I always get so attached to his or her plots as well as the dialogue between not just Nick and Judy but a lot of the other characters. It can range from hilarious to heartfelt like traditional Disney, of course they do it in their own, special way XD I've seen a comment on one of amythis's fics saying something like if their stories were PG or more kid friendly, Disney should totally use their ideas to write a Zootopia sequel. It's true though. I like the mysteries going on, the blossoming creativity amythis expands in Zootopia, all of the invented history (sometimes incorporating pieces of those deleted scenes such as the establishment of Wilde Times), it really sounds like the movie continued, expect got a little more adult Rose sweatdrop  Be warned there are sex scenes that go on for at least one or more chapters straight. If you want a cleaner version, go to amythis's story on fanfiction instead of archive us. My one downside on this fic is unfortunately kind of a big one. Despite the awkward, sort of-ish sex scenes that suddenly go on in the middle of the story (the one at the end was more passionate and far less awkward and I think you'll see why), the relationship pacing is out of whack. I love how Nick and Judy interact in they're stories as always, but Judy is just one of those characters who can't make up their mind yet keep making hints they like that person! Even after they get intimate, she still considers them friends until the very end when she admits she loves him! Although the mystery was engaging and it was funny and creative and all, I much preferred the authors second part to the ZPA collection. This one is still worth checking out of course!

6. Zleepless in Zootopia AND Heat of the Moment by leopouletfou:
Zleepless --->…
Heat of the Moment --->…
Zleepless in Zootopia: This is a series of one shots by probably the single greatest fanfic writer you will ever come across. I wouldn't be surprised if this author published a best selling adult novel at age 14, because MAN her writing is fucking stupendous! I don't know how she does it! Lady why the hell are you writing fics?! Go write some poetry or a romance novel that will fuck Fifty Shades of Grey in the ass!! Anyway, while these stories are SO good, well written, and keep me on the edge, there's kind of a big problem with this particular author. She is way way way WAY to good to be writing these kinds of fics. She's too good to be writing fics in general, but I mean these kinds of fics. All of these stories are based off of other romance movies such as Sleepless in Seattle and Breakfast at Tiffany's. Because of this I have to put this back a few places. I haven't seen either, but she specifically says that all of the one shots are heavily based off of scenes from all these movies. I don't really have problems when people crossover like this, but I think I prefer seeing fanart like that instead of reading a script of the Titanic with Judy as Rose and Nick as Jack, or Twilight with Judy as a heavy breathing Mary Sue and Nick as a stare fetish vampire, or Loving with Nick and Judy representing a discriminated couple. Well that one would actually work a lot better. It's just that not too much creativity is allowed. I'm fine with like parodies or combining the world a lot more or changing scenes, but I'd rather want something a little more original ESPECIALLY from this authorNeko Emoji-36 (Oh no) [V2] 

Heat of the Moment: Judy's horny and she and Nick have sex. That's it XD no what I actually find kind of strangely good about this situation is how backwards their relationship is. As pointed out in the story, they take a standard operating relationship and put it in reverse; first they have sex, then say I love you, then become boyfriend and girlfriend and then go out on a date. I like the idea of a predator-prey couple, already against the dating norm of Zootopia,  getting into a relationship in the last way you'd expect, yet it's so natural and brilliantly written. The first chapter definitely gets you off guard and not knowing what exactly is going on it is a little awkward, but by the second chapter her storytelling and dialogue skills shine through and it gets better! I'm looking forward to how their date will go and what exactly happened with Nick and his ex girlfriends ^^ While E.L. James demonstrates why a fanfic author shouldn't turn her kinky stories into adult novels, leopouletfou proves some authors have the talent!

5. Inter-Schminter by Spintherella
Page 1 ---> Inter schminter 1.1 by Spintherella
Even though this is a comic, it still counts as a fanfic in my book! This is probably the most popular one on the list, including that first story I mentioned as well as Texts. I'm going to talk about the story though rather than the outstanding artwork since this journal is focusing on fanfics and storytelling. Once again, this is a great fanfic that handles prejudice issues very well and really expands Zootopia. For those who don't know, Nick visits BunnyBurrow with Judy to attend a Hoe Down. While visiting, they begin to unravel feelings for one another, sparking the interest of Judy's sister Jill whom doesn't approve of the relationship, and a mysterious rabbit hybrid, Max Midnight, whom supports the pairing. When Judy is suddenly attacked by a hooded fox, she and Nick are determined to find out who the attacker is and make sure the innocent are not accused. I always get more and more drawn into the mystery of the story; who's Max Midnight and what exactly is he? What's his full story? I'm starting to get a little confused about it now Miraculous - Chatemote - Question  Why does Jill have such a huge grudge against predator and prey dating yet openly flirted with Nick? Who was the fox attacker and why did he or she do it? Will Nick ever put a shirt on?? Nick Wilde - Icon  Yeah, because of the illustrations, Spin's got quite the fox service going on Nick Smurk  And did I mention the humor is amazing?? It doesn't fail to put a smile on my face Pikachu Piff Plz  So while the love between Nick and Judy is adorable and genuine, it feels a little forced. Nick even calls her out for not knowing how she feels about Nick and then is suddenly all over him, but like in Instincts I'm glad Spin keeps his considerate charm and witty character without taking advantage of his bunny Nick - Icon   As much as I like the story, looking back at some of the chapters, some of it feels a tad familiar, by that I mean cliche and I've seen it before in other fanfics and stories. Let's start with Judy getting attacked by fox. I get why it needs to be there and it works well on building up the mystery and drama, but something about it is a little over the top. When the fox attacked Judy, there was a little bit of blood and all they really did was dig its claws into her back and throw a little rock at the back of her head. By the time she calls Nick she's got blood gushing out of her wounds and is on the ground as if she were dying. Not only do I think the attack scene and the result of it was a bit inconsistent, but it feels too familiar in these romance fics. I feel Judy received too much sudden physical pain just for an excuse to increase the drama of the scenario in a very sudden relationship. This really isn't that big of a problem though, I've seen a lot worse and it definitely doesn't keep me from not reading more pages. Another thing is their relationship. I can't help but feel it's a little one sided at times and Judy is once again that girl that can't make up her mind. She may have trouble expressing her feelings and all, but I imagine Nick to be that kind of guy. I think one of my new favorite things about this story is the addition of her OC Max Midnight. Usually OCs are females that are meant to either fall in love with a main character (which I'm fine with as long as it has chemistry and is original) or start some bullshit love triangle which I can't even It's time to stop ok? No more! (chat/comment icon)  Max doesn't exactly do either. I'm surprised she made her character a guy on top of that since I feel like a lot of OC female characters are used as artist/ author inserts. Max's appearance was interesting in the beginning but he seemed kind of bland. Ever since he showed up at the hospital to support Judy and befriended Nick he's become a lot more interesting and funny! I can definitely see why he's attracting a crowd and some fangirls, although as of now the story seems to suddenly be shifting a lot of focus on to him and some more characters are being introduced, and suddenly I'm getting lost and a bit side tracked ^^; But nonetheless an absolutely wonderful comic I recommend every Zootopia fan to read!!

4. Instincts by EllipsisEndQuote:…
This was a pretty fun one to read, but at times it does get a little awkward because, animal sex things I don't understand Judy - Icon  Basically Judy starts some kind of heat cycle (I swear it isn't menstruation and it's something I guess rabbits do) that turns Nick on to an insane degree. He liked her in the past and all, but now he's even more willing to date her. With all of the prejudice going on, however, he feels it would be almost impossible for them to date until Clawhauser and Francine introduce them to a secret hangout called Instincts where predator and prey couples are free to hang out together. Like the past Nick X Judy fics I've listed I once again love how in character they are. It was especially cute in the first chapter after the Gazelle concert when Judy was still full of energy and played around with Nick Judy and Nick - Icon Judy - Icon  I also really liked how protective Nick got over her when they went to Instincts. I'm glad he never gave off a creepy, lusty vibe ^^; He did the opposite actually. Before they were both giving into their primal instincts and clanking dongs, Nick would always be so careful not to take advantage of her and rush the relationship. I love how the author doesn't write him as mindlessly horny or selfish. He's still his sly, cocky self but he's also so considerate! <3 Besides the relationship, dating, and a sexual chapter or two, the story does handle prejudice pretty well. I absolutely love how Judy defends Nick from her parents, and her parents aren't written like species-ist assholes like in the first Nick X Judy fic I mentioned. Yes they do have their prejudiced standards about predator and prey relationships, but they aren't completely losing their shit about it and trying to be as offensive as possible. It reminds me of that deleted scene when Stu sees Nick and Judy coming back to her apartment together and asks if he's her boyfriend, Judy responding with something like "If anyone here has a problem with Nick, the door is right over there". Although the story, I don't think, is finished, I'd love to see the author continue with Nick and Judy handling these issues since that's really the main focus and I think something a lot of fans want to see in a Zootopia sequel. There's plenty of fluff, some good comedy, well managed prejudiced issues addressed, and omg they're sooooo cute together!! >U<

3. Zooto Lore by amythis:
Mature version --->…
Clean version --->…
Amythis's best of her ZPA series. Nick and Judy are actually not starting off with a case in the first 15 or so chapters. First they visit Bunny Burrow and are actually pretty accepted by Judy's parents and her many siblings. After getting to know many of them, going to a fair, a dance, and having some good old girl talk, they return back to the city and are on a special case to become the bodyguards of an author that has published a book so controversial, mammals want to physically hurt her. Instead of having to solve a big mystery and following a real complicated, mysterious case, the two are protecting an author that is being attacked for her opinions on pred-prey relationships. It especially ties in well with what Nick and Judy are having to deal with as a couple. First of all, this doesn't beat you over the head with ITS ILLEGAL, EVERYONE HATES THEM AS A COUPLE, THE WHOLE WORLD IS AGAINST NICK AND JUDY. Her family and siblings have accepted them fine, their friends seem comfortable with it, yet they still get a little timid and nervous when showing off affection in public, especially Nick being the predator. I also like how it deals with other issues besides pred-prey relationships, for example homosexual couples. Yep, in this story Judy's neighbors Bucky and Pronk are a gay couple not yet accepted by their parents. Again, this is definitely something that could be explored in a sequel if of course they tone it down to a PG rating. The one problem I have with this story is that the two stories don't really tie together too too well. The first half, or more like the first quarter, of this fic is about Nick and Judy visiting Bynnyburrow and meeting her siblings. Then all of a sudden the author's book is causing chaos in Zootopia and they're assigned to guard her at this safe house. The only thing that connected the two was when they met with the author at the fair during story one and she briefly mentioned her published book and the mammal she was crushing on. The author herself has always been interested in a predator herself. Now to end this I want to talk about the author, a sheep named Sharla that was actually in the movie. Sharla (yes she had that name) was the little black sheep in Judy's play whom was bullied by Gideon Grey. Sharla is a fantastic character in this fic and I'm glad the author included her. Again, if the story was toned down to PG, Nick and Judy took more time to develop feelings (this is kind of like a sequel to a sequel after all), and there was I guess a little more action and a little bit more of a flowing narrative, this would be absolutely great for a second story! Back to Sharla, I love how much she looks up to Judy going as far as to include her in her book as an example of someone who's not afraid to stand up to others and become a more modern mammal. It is a bit sad though how Sharla is only being attacked for one chapter in her book all because she developed a crush on a predator. She really wants that same strength and determination as her childhood friend, though unfortunately the risks of expressing touchy subjects in her book had backfired. Before I move on to my top two, I have one thing to say; I SHIP SHARLA AND FINNICK!! SHIP icon 2 They're so cute together! I was so bummed the author stopped this ZPA series as I was really liking them as a couple. They're different from Nick and Judy yet somehow quite similar Finnick - Icon  Check out the story to see for yourself <3

2. Just Like Old Times by leopouletfou:…
Have you ever cried reading a fic, well I have now!! It's damn near impossible unless your reading from the one and only leopould! It's been 7 years since Nick and Judy had sadly broken up and went their separate ways. Judy is married to a cheating rabbit with three kits while Nick is single and living alone in an apartment still reminiscing his time with the rabbit that changed his life. After they meet up at a bar they had always gone to, the memories captivate their minds and they begin to re-fall in love with each other. I was truly hooked into this story, and like Zleepless in Zootopia and Heat of the Moment, the writing is too good for fanfiction. Everything about this story is written so perfect, but my god is it sad! One reason why I can't hate it while it can be absolutely, dreadfully depressing is because of those light hearted moments to balance out the sad. I love when they remember moving out for the first time, or when they used to go to the bar and are still able to crack clever jokes and tease, it's horrible that they can't be together because of Judy's situation. Now the ending, though I won't give it away, isn't too too depressing. It's not exactly like the ending to Ferris Wheel (a pretty depressing WildeHopps fanfic) or Romeo and Juliet. What makes it sad is because they had so many good times together. And that's just it, thinking about time and all the wasted years is what really really got to me and just how much in love they still are with each other. This fic would actually be number one despite the ending except for one little change the author made. Commenters were enraged beyond belief when she posted the third and final chapter. Not only were they sad but they were very angry with Judy's husband and how the situation turned out. The fact of the matter is, to me, it's just a depressing reality, it's just life, and it's just the way things had to be. The author made an epilogue that I didn't really care for. I mean I certainly was glad how it turned out, but I feel like it was a bit awkward and incredibly forced because of the responses that came her way and she knew herself they were coming. Although it was definitely more upsetting, I would have preferred her to keep that ending instead of transforming it into a sappy fairytale. The story was sad sure, but it's not over the top dramatic and has plenty of fluff and spot on, well written romance. For those of you who read this story or know about the ending, the author herself has confirmed that this fic takes place in a non-canon verse and assures you this ending will not be the death of WildeHopps Sonic's Smirks 50x50 

1. A Bitter Pill by ciaconnaa:…
This is it. My favorite Nick X Judy fic of all time! A Bitter Pill by ciaconnaa!! I loved it from the moment it started! This author really knows how to hook you in! The story starts with Judy at the hospital, terribly injured and emotionally drained from taking on a savage bear in a mission. All throughout, Nick, her cop friends, her parents and siblings, and her doctor all encourage her to stay strong and give herself time to heal. Though the setup is tragic and even scary, it is packed with a good bundle of comedy especially from the cop duo. Interesting enough, they don't quite act so much like a couple, not so much in the beginning anyway. It's actually unlike what I've seen in some of these great fics; they're not one sided and then suddenly two sided like in Inter-Schminter or Shangri Paw, they're not friends with benefits like in Texts, and they're not suddenly a couple in one day like in Instincts. Not to say that those stories don't get the romance right or the character development is absent, it's definitely Nick and Judy but it always leaves me with a bit of a question; based on what we got in the movie, is it canon? Is it believable? They tease quite a lot and joke about their stereotypes, but there also seems to be possibly a little more going on with that famous ending line "You know you love me.", and then, "Do I know that? Yes. Yes I do.". For me personally, this is the best written interaction between Nick and Judy I've read in a fanfic. Personally though, for many of you, you may disagree and think otherwise and I can totally understand. We all have our own interpretations. Like in the movie, the relationship and love isn't entirely clear, but there's something there waiting to blossom. A Bitter Pill takes us right into the blossoming while keeping them as very close friends. They joke and tease exactly as they did in the cruiser, yet this time their interaction has been skipped over to "too close to comfort" level. They do talk about moving in together, and whenever Judy is crying or having a panic attack, Nick cradles her close to him and kisses her ears and face. This is the kind of romance I personally would expect from them, not knowing what to expect, not entirely clear, but there's something there that wasn't there before The Beast In Cage  What else is so great about this fic? The writing is spectacular, even for fanfiction standards. It may not be Pulitzer Prize worthy like leopouletfou, but it's amazing to read and it's so well paced. You may think it's slow seeing as how the whole story is just about Judy recovering from a mauling, but there's a lot of physical and emotional obstacles for her to overcome that requires help from those that she has opened up and healed herself. Rather than being the hero needing to save others, she needs to be saved. I really like stories that turn the tables on the hero, where everyone they have helped comes around to help them in their time of need. It's exactly the perfect dose of medicine Judy needs in this story.

And that's my list, thank you all so much for reading <3 Does anyone have any good WildeHopps fics to recommend? Which fics in my list do you like or dislike?
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My Favorite Quotes:
"Keep moving forward." ~Walt Disney
"Those who don't believe in magic will never find it." ~Roald Dahl
“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.” ~Ralph Waldo Emmerson
“Better to write for yourself and have no public, than to write for the public and have no self." ~Cyril Connoly (Have no idea who he is but I love the quote ^^
"Don't let your dreams be dreams! Yesterday you said tomorrow! So just DO IT! Make your dreams come true! JUST DO IT!" ~Shia LaBeouf

Amy-Chan stamps by AllytheWolffy98 Gmod Spartan Fan Stamp. by Shadow-Dragon91 Amy x Gmod by WinterGlace TheMysteriousMrEnter Fan Stamp by VampireQueenEffeffia Gabriell stamp by albertweskerswife

GIMP Stamp by SparkLum 'Explaining' Stamp by Sonira-Stamps

My favorite game = Disney Tinker Bell Stamp by TwilightProwler Knuckles -Deal With It- Stamp (Request) by Natakiro

Anti-Stamp 2: Raphba (Rapheal X Igythba) by Arkenova

Some quiz results that represent me :3

What Role Do You Play In An Anime?
What Role Do You Play In An Anime?
Hosted By Anime
What Clannad Character Are You?
What Clannad Character Are You?
Hosted By Anime
Which Disney Princess Are You?
Which Disney Princess Are You?
Hosted By Anime
Attack On Titan Ability Evaluation
Attack On Titan Ability Evaluation
Hosted By Anime

Link to my fanfiction and youtube down below, but first... BUTTONS AND STAMPS!! In a random order

My fav pokemon! Squirtle by CreepyJellyfish


Sonic's Werehog Transformation Stamp by toni987 Shadow's Power Boost Stamp by toni987 Comission : lunais20percentcool (3) by toni987 Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) Stamp by Natakiro Save The Chili Dogs! by Chronic-Shadow Sonic and Elise Stamp by TheHellboundAtheist Super Sonic Stamp by animeroxygirl
Bumblebee Animated Stamp by MammaCarnage Autobot Stamp by Deezmo Cybertronian Stamp by xxsomeoneelsexx Soundwave Tech Error stamp by Steamstrike Optimus Prime Stamp by Leathurkatt-TFTiggy Prowl Stamp by TheCelestialDemoness -BB hug time stamp- by SeishinKibou TMNT by D3WABATE Stamp - Donatello X April by DemonessHikari Leonardo 2012 stamp by SA948-Stamps 2012 TMNT stamp by CandleBell Raphael 2012 stamp by SA948-Stamps Donatello 2012 stamp by SA948-Stamps Michelangelo 2012 stamp by SA948-Stamps
Kyle - South Park Stamp by Nikieu Tweek Needs Coffee by ginacartoon What? by ginacartoon Kyle fan stamp by kylefanstamp1 Kyle stamp by Tori100 STAN :love: by Sabanjo .:Unhooded Kenny Stamp:. by ParadoxPandah
Elmstreet by faery-dustgirl Chucky STAMP by RaphaelaTheTurtel I'm A Freddy Fan by PsychoSlaughterman Chucky and Tiffany OMG stamp by DarkwingFan five nights at freddy's stamp by kawaiicunt-stamps :CHUCKY: by Queen-Vegeta69 Do-it-for-barb by seagaull
Big Hero 6 Stamp: Squishy Escape by TMNT-Raph-fan Funny Aladdin And Genie by ImFeelingStampity 2D Sister Stamp by Trounced Muppet Stamps.. by ohTHATsean Voyage Of The Dawn Treader by azianwolfdoll I HATE Disney Channel :Stamp: by KooboriSapphire Disney Heigh Ho Stamp by TwilightProwler
Tim Burton Stamp by ebihal Tim Burton Stamp by theestephasaurusrex Santa XD by RavenxCorpse Emily and Victor by RavenxCorpse Jack IIIL stamp by DeviantSith Oogie Boogie Stamp by Raephen Jack x Sally by Raneese
Squirtle Stamp by Ittichy Attack On Titan Stamp: Levi Saving Eren by wow1076 stamp shingeki no kiojin by Dark-Shion Fuko The Bear Stamp :3 .:Clannad:. by Annie-epicjactations Bulbasaur Stamp by Ittichy Stamp: Pikachu and Mijumaru by Endless-Rainfall CLANNAD Stamp by AdryJustend

Pachirisu by CreepyJellyfish Budew by CreepyJellyfish Finneon by CreepyJellyfish Gastrodon by CreepyJellyfish Lucario by CreepyJellyfish Abomasnow by CreepyJellyfish Ninetales by CreepyJellyfish Mime Jr by CreepyJellyfish Squirtle by CreepyJellyfish X/Y Togepi Cursor by mid0456 X/Y Bulbasaur Cursor by mid0456 X/Y Charmander Cursor by mid0456 Darkrai by CreepyJellyfish Chimchar by CreepyJellyfish Luxio by CreepyJellyfish



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